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Located in Caversham,

​Reading, RG4 8NN

My name is Caroline Rodger and I am passionate about helping people take an interest in their own health. I am a fully qualified Reflexologist and have undertaken further specialist training in Maternity Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift. I became a practitioner in 2008 after I discovered reflexology for myself. I wanted to bring this joy to others and help them experience the benefits of this wonderfully relaxing therapy. I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists, which is an independent Professional Reflexology Association working to promote the highest standards in the profession. 

I also trained to become a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. The Bach Flower Remedies are a simple, natural resource that helps you deal with the emotional demands of everyday life, to achieve a greater balance and harmony and allowing you to take more control of your own self-care. I can help you choose remedies and guide you on your journey to discovering this simple, self-help system. In addition, I have completed an Introduction to Counselling course to assist and enhance my other therapies.

During the lockdown in 2020/21, whilst closed due to Government regulations, I studied for and completed a Diploma in Culinary Medicine. This bridges the gap between evidence based nutritional science, and how to apply it day to day in the food we eat. I firmly believe that nutrition is a huge part of our overall health and can be used as a powerful tool for regaining and maintaining good health. Nutrition gives people an opportunity to play a significant role in their health destiny and I love to support people in their healthcare journeys with relevant and practical nutritional advice.   





"My aim is to deliver a bespoke, holistic treatment for every individual to help mind, body and soul work together harmoniously!"